Dynamic Alignment Yoga + Wellness


Structure: \ˈstrək-chər\

noun 1. the arrangement of and relations between the parts or elements of something complex.


Bikram, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Power Vinyasa, Forrest, Baptiste, Anusara. The list goes on and on - so many variations of yoga with seemingly contradictory instructions and priorities. A standard 200hr teacher training has an anatomy portion, but it is only a few hours and usually taught by a yoga teacher rather than a trained medical professional. The more curious I became about various yoga methodologies' approach to the human body and worked with private clients of vastly different abilities, I saw how this practice truly can be for everybody and every body. However, so many bodies can easily be left behind (or worse, injured) in group classes full of general cues and flowery language.

A few years into teaching full-time as well working through my own injuries and those of my students, I immersed myself in studying everything about human anatomy and biomechanics from non-yoga sources. I weave this knowledge into my sequences for group classes and private clients, as well as integrate massage & bodywork in one-on-one sessions. The result is a method that melds traditional yoga metaphor and wisdom with a biomechanical perspective of the human body; an artful balance of athleticism and alignment to create grace and ease.


Soul: \sōl\

noun 1. a person's total self

2. the quality that arouses emotion and sentiment



"Lauren's classes incorporate creative and intelligent sequencing, intuitive hands-on adjustments and her incredible wealth of anatomical knowledge. She continually inspires me and I always learn something new. ~Lena C, student & fellow teacher


About Lauren:

After 11 years on the mat and 9 years as a teacher, one thing has become clear to Lauren: she doesn’t practice yoga, yoga practices on her. “It has transformed me inside and out. I love it, I hate it, I don’t want to live without it.’’ As the daughter of an accounting professor and in school for a music degree, Lauren fielded the question of becoming a teacher constantly. She would confidently say that teaching was never a part of her master plan. 

At a particularly low point in her life, the yoga found her and saved her. She made the cross-country move back to Austin to complete her first 200hr teacher training at Baptiste affiliate Breath & Body Yoga. While still working her 9-5 job, Lauren taught full-time and managed the studio while continuing to study with Baron Baptiste and Christina Sell. Thousands of teaching hours later and tired of having to decline opportunities because of scheduling, she made the leap into self-employment and dedicated herself to being a teacher. 

Through dealing with several injuries of her own and working with private clients with vastly different physical abilities and yoga goals, she developed a focus on anatomy and alignment. After the encouragement of several students, she added licensed massage therapist to her list of accomplishments. Lauren currently has over 1000 combined hours of training, and she is working toward her 1000hr Yoga Medicine teacher training certification with Tiffany Cruikshank.

Lauren strives to create Vinyasa classes that are physically challenging and emotionally freeing, full of purposeful alignment and balanced with playfulness. The yoga mat is a reminder to show up in life every day with an open heart and a clear mind. When she is not being a self-described human body nerd, you will find her on the trail or a spin bike, reading on the porch with a cup of coffee, cooking, enjoying good wine, and playing the piano.


Photo Credits: Andrew Masi